Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Well last week I bought my car!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it soo much!!!!! :0) I got insurance on it and I just got my title in the mail yesterday. I have been driving it around and I just love it!

Last Saturday was fun cause I had my own car and I did not have to ask if I could use the car. Weekends are the hardest to get to use there car cause they need both there cars. So it was fun doing my own thing this past weekend. So I took Chris bowling and then I did Amanda Peterson’s hair for her Mormon Prom. It is all the LDS kids 16 and up go to a prom 8 stakes go. Her hair turned out cute. Saturday night a few girls and I decided that we wanted to put a group date together. So we asked some boys and had our group date! We made personal pizzas then did a scavenger hunt at the mall it was fun and out going. My date and I won we finished first. Then we had brownies and watched a movie. It was fun I got to know everyone a little more. On Sunday after church we had a linger longer at our branch presidents house. It was pot luck and so everyone brought a dish then we watched the CES fireside it was fun. On Monday Lizzy my 5 year old went to Key West, FL for 3 weeks with her grandma so I only have the 3 of my kids home with me. So it was just Bev and I during the day and the kids at night. It was nice. Well on Thursday I called USU to ask how my admission was going and it looks like I have to retake the ACT test. When I went to SUU I took the residual test not the national one. So my results have to stay at SUU. So I have to retake it. :( I looked online when the next test is and it is on April 9th and the last day to sign up was Friday so it was a good thing I called to see. I have been stressing out on this test and I am not excited about it 3 weeks to study. Well Friday was the beginning of spring break for my kids. It has been really nice weather here in the lower 60 so the kids have been playing outside a lot.i took my kids to the Aquarium. my friend Rachel came with me to help out! we had a blast. The Petersons met up with us there so it was fun to see them there. after we went to the Hard Rock Cafe and had a bite to eat!

Friday night I was in charge or putting together a surprise party for Ana she is a girl in the branch. It was fun we had a really good turn out. It was at our branch presidents house. They have a really big house with a pool table and tv in there basement so it was fun!!

Saturday morning I started studying for the ACT test and decided I could not do it by myself so I went to the library to get some books to help me. Turns out they have some really good books to help out. I decided to take a break and play volleyball to get some of my frustration out. It was fun after that a few friends and I went to our friend David’s house it was his birthday and he wanted to watch UFC fighting. So that is what we did, we ordered pizza and watched fighting. There was a lot of blood lol!! It reminded me of Uncle Mark when I was little he would watch it.

Sunday was invitation Sunday so you could bring a friend that did not know about our church and the lessons and everything was really basic. We had a few people come so that was fun! After a few friends and I played ticket to ride at David’s house, we love that game. Then I went over to the Peterson’s family ward for there linger longer. They had food and I wanted to see if there were any singles I could get to come to the singles ward. Then I went back to there house and studied. Lori (the mom) is super smart and she helped me in math for 3 1/2 hours! Then we read scriptures as a family and I went home. I feel a lot better now about some of the math now. Well today Ben and Carolyn went downtown to there grandparents house while Becky is at work then they are going out to dinner and stuff. So today it is just me and Beverly. She is growing up so fast! It is crazy! Well I better get back to studying!!
Well this week has been really busy! On Monday I went to FHE! We went bowling we had a great group after we went out to get some ice cream!!

I have decided to move back to Utah and go back to school! So I told my boss and she thinks that it is a great idea even though it will be very hard for me to leave my kids here after working and being part of there family for such a long time. I have decided to go to USU in Logan Utah!! I am going to be in the social work program! I have finished all my applications for school and now just waiting on hearing back to see if I can get in!! I am very excited!! I will be leaving in June to move back to Utah! On Wednesday I had to work late! I put all the kids to bed at a good time and I went and watched some tv. Well bev woke up and started to cry so I went up stairs and it was about 10:30. I put the bottle in her mouth but she did not want to go back to sleep she was still crying. So I picked her up and sat on the bed with her. Next thing I know it is mid-night and Becky my boss is waking me up from her bed!! Lol!!! it was funny! Bev was asleep in my arms laying on the bed!! Lol! On Thursday I went to dinner and a movie with Chris. It was good to get out and do something with him again!! Friday I went to the Macaroni grill with a friend it was good! But I like olive garden better I think!! Lol!! Saturday morning I woke up and my friend Tony picked me up and we went car shopping! For me!! Yep I am going to buy me a car!! I am so excited!! We drove a few cars but none seemed to work for me. The last apt we had that day was from a private owner and so we made the long drive to test drove it and see if I liked it or not.!!! well I loved it! It is a 2005 Nissan Altima!! It is beautiful!! It is a midnight blue color great interior and I just love it!! So I am going to buy it this next week. I am very excited!! Then it was stake conference so while the boys had priesthood the girls went out to dinner!! It was Fun!! I was the director for the YSA choir and we were the choir that was singing. We did a great job we had a lot of compliments about our performance! Good job YSA CHOIR!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Well the month of February went by really fast I was busy doing lots of fun activities with my friends! I went up to Wisconsin Dells to my friends cabin and we had a blast. Except I was sick :( I got to sleep in and relax! Lol!! We took these old fashion pictures! All the girls were wearing old dresses and the boys were dressed up like cowboys! We had this old fashion bar behind us and it was called OAKEY’S SALOON! It was super cool! After we went out to dinner at this really good restaurant. We stayed 2 nights up at the cabin and drove home Sunday morning!

Sunday was the super bowl! I had a party at my house! So I got home from the cabin and had to get ready for a bunch of people to come over to my house! Lol!! It was fun! We played games and watched the game ate pizza! I had the house to myself cause the family went to a friends house to watch the game so it was fun!

We had the Valentines dance! It was fun good turn out for Chicago! I met some new people. I was not feeling all that well so I did not do a lot of dancing. The next day was Sunday and the boys in the branch made the girls soup and salad! It was very nice of them! Well Monday was Valentines day! I was planning on watching some chick flicks and eating chocolate!! But a friend from the branch called me up and asked me on a date, I said yes!! We went out to dinner and then to the movies! I had a great time! The next day I went to see Les Miserables!!! it was amazing!!! Almost as good as the production I put on at Dixie high school! Lol!!! it was good I had a fun time. I rode the train with Rebekah and we went out to dinner and then met up with some friends to see the play!

That weekend a group of LDS singles put together a polar dip! Yea it was a bunch of people that went in there swim suits and ran into Lake Michigan! It was 30 degrees outside and there was ice and snow still on the ground! Crazy people. I was the photographer for the morning so I didn’t jump in.

Well after that a few of us went to the car show! It was way good they had a lot of really good cars! All new cars but a million different cars!then we went out to eat at this crazy restaurant where everyone was mean to you. yea that is what they are known for. it was weird!!

After the car show I had a movie night at my place! We had a really good turn out. Again I had the house to myself so I that was good. We played games and ate pizza and watched pay check. Oh my friends hooked me up on a blind date! It was a group date so it was fun! We went over to Michelle’s house and made dinner then got ice cream and played games then did a little dancing in the living room!! LoL!! Michelle spent the night at my house that night and spent the day with me and the kids. It was fun to have her around. On sat it was Lizzy’s 5 birthday party at Monkey Joes! It is like a bounce house tons of inflatable stuff!! Lol!! :) it was the longest 2 hours with 16 5 year olds! After that I went to the Peterson’s ward chili cook-off. It was fun! I met some new friends and I invited them to my house. I was having a Phantom of the Opera movie night! It was a smaller group because of the weather the roads were really slick. But we still had fun!
So I am back in Illinois and it is freezing! I was talking to my friend and I was telling him that is was going to be 30 outside the following day and he said that I have been here to long and 30 is still below freezing! We have a lot of snow on the ground now. Well I have been playing volleyball at the stake center with friends from the stake. It has been fun! Oh guess what???? I went to see WICKED!!! It was amazing I went with Jason he is a good friend from the branch. It was one of the best plays I have seen. We had really good seats! I mean really good. It was an amazing production.

I went dancing with a few friends downtown and I met some new friends so it was fun! Sat night we had a surprise 40th birthday party for Becky my boss! So I helped put that on and it was fun! We had a live band and they did a really good job. It was Becky’s uncle’s band that played and all I wanted to do was just dance!

I went to FHE on Monday night and we played pictionary it was fun we had a good turnout. After we went to a friends house and watched a movie. I got home late that night. Bev (the baby) has been sick all week long. Becky took her to the Doctor this morning so I am not sure what the outcome is yet. But I think it is a ear infection poor girl. I went to a Bulls game. We played against Orlando Magic and we won!!! Yea!!! :) it was a really good game. I am glad I went. I went with my friend Chris it was good to hang out with him again. It has been awhile. After we went to a bar it is called Howl at the Moon. It was amazing we just found a table and watched people dance. But the best part about it is they have a live band and you put in your requests and they will play any song that you ask them to. They know them all from oldies to now. It was great!

There was a big football game on so I had a party at my house Chicago bears VS. Green Bay Packers!! We had a blast!! lots of pizza and fun games!! It was a good turn out with all my friends from the branch there!!

We had the worst blizzard ever in Chicago! In less then 24 hours we had 2 feet of snow and the wind was blowing over 60 mph. Crazy. My friends were here watching a movie and they had to stay the night. The national guard was out and would not let anyone drive in the storm. I still go over to the peterson’s house a lot and we play games and every night we read scriptures as a family I love that time. It is great!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well before Christmas the YSA had an activity. We went to Chicago and we watched Elf on a big screen and then walked around downtown. It was snowing a lot and it was really wet so we were all cold and wet but we still had a fun time.

We had the Christmas program that I was in charge of and it all went really well I sang a duet and in a quintet. It was fun to sing again. Well the next Saturday I flew home!!!! YEA!!! my best friends Bracken and Rachel came to pick me up from the airport. It was good to see them again. We did a little shopping before we headed down to St. George. When we got home we went straight to the college to see the Forgotten Carols. It was so good just like every year I go.

On Tuesday I drove to Cedar City to see some friends. It was good to see them after so long. We just went out to lunch and talked forever! Wednesday night I had a dinner at my house for all the birthmoms in town. All my old friends were there. Mom made a good dinner and it was fun to see everyone again after so long.

Thursday Grandma and Grandpa kidd came. And can you guess the first thing we did??? SHOPPING!! Lol! It was so funny. I have had a good time meeting my niece maddie! She is so cute I just love her. I took care of her a few nights I was in town it was fun. She is getting so big. Lol!! Christmas eve was good everybody came over for dinner then we just hung out. Then it was CHRISTMAS!!!

we did not wake up and open gifts right away cause Jen and Zach went over to his families house to watch all the little kids open there stuff! Then we called my brother Paul that is serving his mission in Guatemalla City! It was sooo good to talk to him good to hear his voice!

After we got off the phone with him we had some lunch then opened gifts!
I got mom a saying that goes on the wall it was really cool! I forget what it says but it was good. Mom made me this way cool quilt is says all the qualities that she thinks I have on the quilt. Its really cool.

I got the best gift ever from Jennifer. She gave me a book that had pictures full of Daxton. She emailed Stacie and asked if she could take some pictures of Dax for me for Christmas and she said yes why don’t you just take pictures of our whole family. I started to cry it was the best gift anyone could ever give me. It was so cute and thoughtful.

We had a really nice dinner that night with everyone there. It was good to be home around the family.

The next morning at 6am grandma and grandpa allen drove me to SLC. Brandon had his farewell he did a really good job. After we went over to there place and ate some lunch. Then I went to Kristi’s house and hung out with them! The boys are getting so big. I hope you got the letter from them. They all miss you! We had some good laughs about the old times! Dad picked me up the next morning and we drove to Orem for a photo shoot. I was taking my first shoot! Dad helped me by bringing his equipment. I used his nice backdrop and his lights. It was for the Peterson family. The ones I spent Thanksgiving with here in Chicago. They were visiting family in Orem. Then we went home and saw the kids. Cyd and Chan are getting so big. Cyd and I had a girls night. She spent the night in my room downstairs. Well the pictures that I took did not turn out at all so dad and I had to drive back to Orem to take them again. We didn’t get home till really late but this time it worked! So that is good news. Wednesday I just hung out with the kids at home and played cards

On Thursday night I went home with Uncle Mark. I was going to stay till sat morning. Thursday night we all went out to dinner we went to Golden Corral. I guess it is the kids favorite place. We saw the whole Utah state basketball team there Jackson and Chase thought it was really cool. On Friday Aunt Jenna and I did some shopping getting ready for the New Years Eve party that night. We went over to her friends house and played games all night. It was fun. I knew most of them from when I lived with them. My friend Stephen from Chicago was in town cause he was going to be attending BYU Idaho so he spend New Years Eve with us. It was fun to have someone my age there since it was all older or younger people there. After the new year we went home and slept. The next morning was sat we got up and we over to grandma’s house. We were having a Christmas party. Dad, Tyson and Landon was there with Jen and Zach. We had a great lunch and party.

Stacie (Dax mom) emailed me and asked what I was up to on sat? I said I was busy in the morning but then I was free. So she invited me over to there house! So after the party dad took me over to see Daxton and his family. It was really good to see them again. The kid are so much bigger. And they have a new little one now his name is Tyson. He is about 6 months old. He is a cutie. I had some gifts for them from me and some from mom. And they loved them. They gave me a calender that had pictures of Dax all over it. It was so cute. Daxton was sick he had a fever poor kid so I guess he was not his normal self but he felt a little better and started playing with is dump truck I gave him. He loves dump trucks!

It was really good to see them. After that I hung out with some friends. Then went to Emily’s babies baby blessing then to a lunch in. It was good to see all the cousins and everybody. Then I flew home! Chris my friend was on the same flight with me we sat next to each other so that was fun! Not to fly alone! It was the best trip home ever!! I got to see every one that I wanted to plus more!!